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Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not worried about. Which is why planning for tomorrow including a funeral plan makes it easier to enjoy life today. After all, life is what you make it and at Glen Funerals we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your life.

To get the most out life it pays to plan ahead. You plan holidays, you plan education, you plan celebrations and you plan for retirement. So given all the planning that goes into welcoming you into this world it makes perfect sense to put a little planning into how you leave it.

Funeral planning eases the stress on your family of planning, managing, and most of all, finding the money to pay for your funeral. Everyone will be comforted knowing that every aspect of your funeral is just how you wanted it. All they need to do is call Glen Funerals, we’ll retrieve your funeral file and begin to organise your funeral just as you planned it.

Once you've pre-paid for your funeral there's nothing else to pay and it never expires. Your pre-payment is held in a secured, government protected fund. No ongoing fees, no ongoing worries.

Best of all a pre-paid funeral is inflation proof. No matter when the funeral is held -- you will always receive what you’ve paid for. It doesn't matter how much prices increase, you will never be asked for additional money -- unless you or your family wish to include additional services down the track.

Just like a will, pre-paid funerals make organising your affairs simpler and easier for everyone. Leaving you to focus on having fun.

Why not get yours started today with a little help from one of our friendly consultants at Glen Funerals.

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Security and quality guarantee

If you decide to pre-pay for your funeral, you can rest assured that once paid, there will never be any additional costs unless you or your family request for extra services prior to the funeral. Once paid, your pre-payment is held in a secured, government-protected fund and we can guarantee that it will never be affected by inflation.

This means that no matter when the funeral takes place, you’ll always receive what you’ve paid for. What’s more - your Glen Funerals pre-paid funeral never expires and there are no ongoing fees or ongoing worries.

With pre-paid funerals, all costs are covered and all plans are in place for when the time comes. We’ll ensure every instruction is followed and your family will be relieved of any additional stress of trying to plan a funeral.

All your family needs to do is call Glen Funerals and we’ll retrieve your pre-paid funeral file and begin to organise your funeral.

Call us today on 1800 260 444 to discuss our pre-paid funerals.

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