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One of the many services offered at Glen Funerals is that of pre-arranged funerals, where a client or family member can meet with us to discuss their future funeral arrangements of a loved one who will soon pass.

Our friendly team can lead you through the arrangement process and advise on any matters you may be unsure of, as well as give you an estimate of the cost.

Unlike pre-paid funerals, pre-arranged funerals do not involve any payment and are simply another way of planning for a known event and can help reduce the stress when the time comes. It also allows for any specific wishes of the person to be included in the arrangement and how they would like their funeral to be conducted.

It will be up to family members, when the time comes, to see that these instructions are followed through.

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Complete service for pre-arranged funerals

At Glen Funerals we can meet one-on-one with you to discuss everything from the location of a funeral service to the more specific details of this. From the choice of cars, flowers, music and clergyman, to order of service and more – we can go through every aspect and draw up a pre-arranged plan for you.

We have over a decade’s experience in arranging traditional burials and cremations, and we also specialise in organising alternative funerals for those who prefer a more unique send-off. Whatever you want or need, we can help you to decide on the right options for you and we’ll keep a record of every detail for your family members.

For the best quality help in pre-arranging a funeral, we’re your best bet.

Call us today on 1800 260 444 to discuss our pre-arranged funerals.

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