Lasting Legacy

Melbourne's experts can help you turn your loved one's ashes into lasting legacies.

When you bury a loved one, there's finality to it, but after a cremation, there's often an uncertainty as to what should be done with the ashes. There are various options and many people will choose to bury an urn containing the ashes, scatter them at a place of significance or just keep them at home.

At Glen Funerals, we supply a selection of handmade and bio degradable urns.

We can also discuss other options for creating a lasting legacy for your loved one. These days, there are multiple ways to commemorate the deceased using their ashes and we can give you help and advice if you want to explore the possibilities.

Glen Funerals Handmade Urns

Our other individual celebration options

Living legacy

Ashes can also be buried with seeds to grow into a tree, or used by an artist with paints to create a beautiful picture you can treasure. From scattering them to incorporating them into objects you can hold onto for years to come and there are other choices but the possibilities are almost endless.

At Glen Funerals we'll help you decide on the best option and give you all the time you need to do so.

Diamonds are forever

One popular alternative to keeping ashes in an urn is mixing them with precious stones or metals to create keepsake pieces of jewellery. You may alternatively want to turn the ashes into diamonds, or mix them with glass to make an ornament or pendant.

Call us today on 
1800 260 444 and find out how you can transform your funeral ashes.

Call us today on 1800 260 444 and find out how you can transform your funeral ashes.

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