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Glen Funerals expert help with International Repatriation in Melbourne

Like many other nationalities, thousands of Australians travel abroad every year. While for most it’s a wonderful experience, for some, it will be their final trip. When travelling overseas with a loved one or companion who passes unexpectedly, there is an additional layer of stress and anxiety over and above the feelings of grief and loss.

At Glen Funerals, we can help with all international repatriation services, so you can rest assured that our team has the legal and medical knowledge and experience to deal with the requirements for repatriation, to better assist you through this difficult process. We aim to be that friendly face and make sure your loved one is returned to you, in Australia, with dignity and care.

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"A friendly face in a foreign country who can assist with all the legal repatriation requirements and ensure your loved one is returned to Australia in a caring and dignified manner."

How we help overseas

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly overseas – whether you’re travelling with them or are at home – it can be difficult to know how to organise getting them back to Australia. Every country has different methods and laws surrounding deaths, particularly if the person wasn’t a native of the country they were visiting.

Having to deal with the confusion of local laws, officials and customs can cause additional stress and anxiety on top of the usual feelings of grief and loss. Glen Funerals, will contact you to outline the best way of bringing or sending your loved one home.

Our services in this respect include:

  • Liaising with the Australian embassy and offering consular support
  • Arranging transportation of the body to a mortuary
  • Liaising with the insurance company
  • Care and preparation of the body
  • Translation of the death certificate
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents
  • Coordinating with the local police
  • Arranging for the return of personal effects
  • Arranging for an international transit coffin 
  • Satisfying customs requirements
  • Assisting with a commemoration service if required
  • Making flight arrangements back to or from Australia
Glen Funerals International Repatriation
Repatriation is complex, but with the care and support of Glen Funerals, you’ll find everything you need. We have all the local skills and knowledge to take care of your every need and to bring your loved one home.

Call us today on 1800 260 444  , we can help with all international repatriation services.

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