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Many people like to remember their loved one, or look back on the life of the deceased, by using a special DVD presentation during or after a funeral or memorial service. If you would like to compile a presentation like this, then Glen Funerals has the equipment and expertise to produce a high-quality DVD.

With a team of professional DVD photo presentation producers, all you need to do is supply us with a selection of photos for scanning, along with any digital copies of photos or digital video files. We can then compile these in the order you prefer, to create a unique account of your loved one’s life, which can then be shared with family and friends.

Also, if you have a backing song in mind or need some assistance or inspiration in choosing a suitable song, just let us know, as we can help you choose something from our extensive music library. With years of experience in producing tasteful DVD presentations for funerals and memorials, if you want a lasting compilation of precious memories, we’re happy to help.

For a minimal fee, additional copies can also be created to distribute to your family and friends. Just get in touch with our friendly team at Glen Funerals and let us do the rest.

Call us today on 1800 260 444 for more information about our funeral DVD presentations.

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